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Domestic Violence. Sexual Assault. Sex Trafficking. More.

WEAVE strives to educate the community, victims, survivors, family and friends about not only the services we provide but why we do the work we do. Below are links to various topics to help educate the community and to help others be a part of the solution that does not tolerate domestic violence and sexual assault.


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We offer outreach presentations to local schools, teen groups, faith groups, businesses, neighborhood groups, law enforcement, healthcare professionals and any other interested parties in Sacramento County. You may request a presentation by filling out the request form below.  

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Prevention & Education

WEAVE is committed to breaking the cycle of violence by educating the community to better understand the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault.


Prevention Activities from WEAVE
Learn about healthy relationships while sheltering at home

With families sheltering at home to stay healthy, WEAVE knows families are looking for ways to talk about healthy relationships and understanding and expressing feelings in healthy ways. We will be sharing activities we use in classroom and presentation settings that talk about emotions, relationships, consent, and more. Activities align with California’s Health Education Framework and offer parents additional resources while supporting their children’s learning.

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Safe Night Out

Safe Night Out is one of WEAVE’s Prevention & Education programs that aims to train nightlife staff on how to recognize warning signs of sexual and domestic violence, and how to respond in order to keep establishments safe.


Off to College: Talking about Safety, Consent, and Healthy Relationships

As summer winds down, many of you are sending a child off to college. Whether it is your own child or a youth you care about, your emotions are likely mixed. Sexual assault is part of the college experience for too many youth with 23% of females and 5% of males experiencing sexual assault during their college years.



Stay up to date with news about WEAVE!  Read news articles on what’s happening in the world, the nation, and our community.

News release

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day & Month 2024



June 15th is designated as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD). This designation was initiated by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) in 2006 and recognized as a United Nations Day by the General Assembly and adopted in 2011.


Sexual Assault

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape. 


Was I Sexually Assaulted / Raped?

Sexual assault is not only rape; it is also any unwanted sexual activity. Even if you have said “yes” to sex with the person before, or you are in a relationship, no one has the right to have sex with you or pressure you into doing things you do not want to do. Any time you do not say “yes” to a sex act, it is sexual assault.


Sexual Assault FAQs

Sexual Assault survivors may have lots of questions. Here are a few of some of the most common questions we receive. 


Sex Trafficking
Local Resources, Fact, Warning Signs and Help

If you or someone you know needs help, we are here.

A healthy relationship does not include one partner requiring the other to have sex with others. If you, or a friend, want more information, there is a website with information just for you. Go to

There is No Such Thing as a Child Prostitute

Minors engaged in commercial sex are victims of sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. Any effort to minimize their experience or shift responsibility to the child is wrong and intolerable.


LGBTQ+ Intimate Partner Violence

No matter the gender of either party in a relationship, many dynamics of abuse are the same. An abusive relationship is fueled by the desire of the abuser to have power and control over their partner. The abuser uses different types of abuse, including: physical, sexual, emotional, financial, and spiritual. 


LGBTQ+ Sexual Assault

There are many myths and stereotypes about sexual assault. But when you add in myths and prejudices about the LGBTQ+, a survivor faces even more misconceptions.



WEAVE provides services to victims of stalking related to domestic violence, sexual assault, or sex trafficking. 

Stalking is a course of behavior that is obsessive and harassing that causes the victim to fear for their safety and the safety of their friends or family members.


Stories of Survival

It takes courage, strength, and readiness to ask for help. Learn a little from a few of ours clients and their stories of survival. 

Survivor Story

The Story of Tucker

Did you know that more than half of school-age children staying in domestic violence shelters—like WEAVE’s Safehouse—show clinical levels of anxiety or posttraumatic stress disorder?

Without treatment, these children are at risk for suicide, school drop-out, and repeating the cycle of violence.

Survivor Story

Victim to Survivor to Certified Advocate!

I was a victim of domestic violence for almost 20 years. I finally left for good the third time. I am back in school to be a teacher and went through my local 70 hour training to be certified as an advocate.

Survivor Story

Break the Cycle

WEAVE gave me resources, but most importantly WEAVE gave me the confidence and the knowledge. I had a chance to break the cycle.