What can stalking look like?


There are many sign of stalking to be aware of.

  • Repeated phone calls (including hang-ups)  and making annoying or threatening phone calls
    Vandalism of victim’s property
  • Following victim or showing up at places victim frequents
  • “Drive-bys” of victim’s home, work, school, friends, etc.
  • Information gathering on victim – via the internet, post office, utilities, employer, school, etc.
  • Sending letters, gifts, photographs, mementos
  • Making false police reports against victim
  • Contacting family members and friends of victim
  • Violating restraining/stayaway orders
  • “Spying” on victim and/or taking photographs of victim
  • Using social media to find information about the victim
  • Harassing the victim through social media 
  • Posting intimate photos of the victim without permission - revenge porn