WEAVE to Work


WEAVE to Work
Empowering. Independence. One job seeker at a time.

How we help: The WEAVE to Work program provides free professional clothing to people seeking to regain their independence through employment.Through the program, participants will work with a personal shopper to select one week’s worth of career appropriate clothing; building personal style and confidence.

Program needs: We always need a variety of sizes, styles and accessories to meet the needs of our clients. Community members and local businesses are encouraged to donate clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

Our Philosophy: We seek to empower our clients by offering them a wide variety of clothing to choose from. We are not a clothing closet; we offer a robust selection of items to choose from in our 2,500 square foot retail store located at 2401 Arden Way.There are no program fees and all clothing is free to participants.

Our History: The WEAVE to Work program was established in 1999 to better assist victims of domestic violence attain financial independence through employment.  Approximately 80% of the domestic violence clients that enter the WEAVE™ safehouse do so with only the clothing on their backs. The WEAVE to Work program was designed to build confidence by providing free professional clothing to those seeking to reenter the work force. To date over 1400 women and men have received free professional styling services, makeup consultation, and wardrobes. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I donate? 

Donations are accepted at WEAVEWorks Recycled Fashion, 2401 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825. Please call 916-643-4606 to find out availability and schedule an appointment. Any donations brought without an appointment will not be accepted. 

When can I donate? 

Donations are currently accepted only at WEAVEWorks. Please call 916-643-4606 to find out availability and schedule an appointment. Any donations brought without an appointment will not be accepted. 

Do you pick up donations?

Yes, call WEAVEWorks Recycled Fashion at 916.643.4606 to schedule a pick up.

What types of items do you need? 

We serve women and men of all sizes, shapes and styles.Thus, we are always in need of a variety of clothing options from business casual to professional. Handbags, jewelry and shoes are always needed.  

Do you accept men’s clothing?

Yes. Although the majority of our clients are women, on occasion their teenage children or men, who have been subjected to domestic violence, utilize our services.

Is my donation guaranteed to go directly to a WEAVE to Work program graduate?

A large portion of the clothing we receive is provided free of charge to our program participants. However, donated merchandise may be sold to raise funds that support WEAVE programs.

Is my donation tax-deductible? Do you provide a tax receipt?

Yes. WEAVE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations to WEAVEWorks and Wear It Share It program are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. We provide a signed tax receipt but do not assess the value of your donation as that is the privilege and responsibility of the donor.