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WEAVE Conference 2020


Location and Dates: California State University- Sacramento. August 10-11, 2020

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WEAVE™ Commends Adoption of 2019 CA Health Education Framework
Framework to provide K-12 schools sexual violence prevention education guidance

May 9, 2019

Sacramento, CA – WEAVE™ commends the historic adoption of the 2019 Health Education Curriculum Framework for California Public Schools by the State Board of Education so that California K-12 schools can access important sexual violence prevention education guidance as mandated by the California Healthy Youth Act. The California Department of Education (CDE) contracted with WEAVE to provide portions of the framework related to healthy relationships, dating violence, healthy boundaries, gender socialization, consent, sexual assault, and sex trafficking.

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Prominent regional homebuilder Elliott Homes makes major contribution to homebuilding industry’s charitable arm

On February 28, 2019, Elliott Homes announced a $175,000 grant to HomeAid Sacramento in order to support its upcoming construction of two transitional cottages at WEAVE’s confidential Sacramento Safehouse Campus. The grant was announced at the groundbreaking for the project hosted by WEAVE, Inc. and HomeAid Sacramento at the offices of the North State Building Industry Association. 

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Children’s Library Dedicated at WEAVE Safehouse Campus
Library is Jewish Women International’s 76th in domestic violence shelters nationwide

JWI (Jewish Women International), the leading Jewish women’s organization working to end domestic and sexual violence against women and girls, dedicated a brand new children’s library at WEAVE on Friday, November 16th. The library is made possible by generous donations from Bette Johnson and Rivka Yerushalmi in memory of Donna Buck, who was Johnson’s sister and Yerushalmi’s dear friend.

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Why Not Report?

Reports of sexual violence once again fill our morning paper, evening news and social media feeds. While each case is different, common themes exist. One of the most enduring – and harmful – trends is the “why’s.”

Why didn’t she report? Why didn’t she report sooner? Why didn’t she fight back? Why was she drinking? Why was she wearing that? Why was she out so late?


WEAVE Confidential Advocate at Los Rios

One year ago, WEAVE partnered with Los Rios Community College District to provide a Confidential Advocate on all 4 campuses (ARC, CRC, Folsom Lake, & Sac City). The Confidential Advocate meets with students who have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence, provides them with information about all of their options in reporting, and is instrumental in linking survivors with other resources.

Check out this video which highlights the WEAVE Confidential Advocate program.

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Woodside Homes Donates Appliances to Help Local Charities

WEAVE was one of several charity beneficiaries who received donated appliances thanks to Woodside Homes. WEAVE received a donation of two ranges and a washer that are empowering survivors in our Safehouse program to prepare healthy meals and enable them to establish a routine around meals and family chores. Our ability to maintain quality appliances is essential to creating a safe and welcoming environment for survivors. Read the full press release here. 

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40 Years of Safe & Confidential Shelter

WEAVE’s beginning — before incorporation documents were even filed — can be traced back to the need for safe shelter.  Three Latina survivors who had escaped their own violent marriages offered their own homes as refuge.  An informal network of other allies emerged until WEAVE’s incorporation in 1978 and the opening of the county’s first domestic violence shelter, with funding from the County of Sacramento.

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California Employers Now Required to Notify Employees Experiencing Domestic Violence of Workplace Protections
AB 2337 Notification Requirement in Effect as of July 1, 2017

When Governor Brown signed AB 2337 into law on September 14, the bill came with two time sensitive provisions. The law has been in effect since January 1 with the Labor Commissioner’s Office having until July 1 to develop and issue the notification form which is now available. . The new provisions affect employers with 25 or more workers.


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Tragic reminders of domestic violence

Our community has been stunned recently by two domestic violence homicides – the quadruple murders of a mother, her two children and a niece, and another young mother who leaves behind a son.

These deaths are a tragic reminder of the very real risk victims of domestic violence live with as they try to keep their lives in balance while dealing with an unpredictable abuser. After 39 years of serving the greater Sacramento community, we at WEAVE know that a victim is at the greatest risk for serious injury or death when attempting to end the relationship.


Cónsul General of México Alejandra García Williams dies

WEAVE is saddened by the passing of Consul General Alejandra Garcia Williams. Consul General Garcia Williams was a true champion of her people, especially women. She implemented important practices that respected the needs of vulnerable women including creating dedicated windows that allowed women to discuss their needs privately and safely.


WEAVE and Wind Youth Services Partnership
Art Flourishes

Collaboration with other amazing community organizations is key to our ability to ensure those who have experienced sexual violence or may be at greater risk for sexual violence have access to support and resources. Our partnership with Wind is an important example of how we work with community partners to strengthen our mutual work.

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Call for Photographs
WEAVE & SNAHC Healthy Families Video

WEAVE and the Sacramento Native American Health Center have been working together to strengthen families including supporting families experiencing intimate partner violence. Together, we want to continue our work of honoring the tradition of healthy families.

We will be creating a short video that celebrates healthy families as a tradition and value of Native communities. The video will also share important information about how to ask for and receive help if you are experiencing family violence.