Golden State Killer’s Victims Get Day In Court
For many survivors, Closure is Not a Reality

News release

Following days of emotional victim impact statements, Joseph DeAngelo was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Throughout the days of testimony, there was frequent talk about how victims can now find “closure”. 

While many of the victims may find relief from a constant sense of fear that surrounded them and the community, closure as a single act from which one moves on to never worry again is not reality. This is true regardless of if a rapist is caught and convicted – a rarity in sexual violence cases – or never receives justice. It is true for DeAngelo’s victims and those whose attackers do not make the news. 

We also know that healing is possible but not linear. We know that those who heal may experience triggers in the future. This is normal and common. We know that heavy media coverage of cases like DeAngelo’s can often be the trigger.

Our Chief Program Officer – Counseling & Outreach, Jaime Gerigk, spoke with Capital Public Radio’s Sammy Caiola about trauma, triggers, and healing. Read the full article here for more insight and information.

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