Safe Shelter


Safe Shelter

WEAVE operates an emergency shelter program for survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking and their children.  Victims can find safe and confidential temporary shelter.  If you need assistance, please call our 24-hour support line at 916-920-2952.



WEAVE’s Safehouse Program provides a short term stay for survivors of domestic violence regardless of gender identity.  At the Safehouse, survivors may access free and voluntary services.

Services include:


Transitional Housing

The program goal is to remove barriers to housing, employment, and economic self-sufficiency for survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault  and/or stalking who have completed WEAVE’s emergency shelter program.  The Transitional Housing program is based on availability and the length of stay is a minimum of six months. 

Support survivors in identifying and eliminating barriers to permanent housing

Support survivors in obtaining economic independence

All services are voluntary.  Services include:


Open House

The communal Safehouse may not ideal for some survivors. This may include male or transgender survivors who seek greater privacy; those with medical needs or disabilities who require greater control over the living space; survivors who live near the Safehouse.

In addition, Openhouse offers the WEAVE Plus One Program to survivors of domestic violence who have experienced barriers related to their pets.The program is available considering space, but we retain the right to deny pets when necessary due to overcrowded conditions, behavior, temperament, or other factors that would compromise the health, safety or well-being of the residents and/or other pets.