Emergency Safehouse Program


WEAVE operates a confidential Emergency Safehouse Program for survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking and their children. For program purposes, domestic violence is recent violence between intimate partners.

Our Emergency Safehouse program is available for people of all genders, gender identities, ages, and sexual orientations. Residents are asked to respect and value the differences and experiences of others and to work towards building a sense of community while in the program. The Emergency Safehouse Program is the entry point to all other housing services provided by WEAVE. 

The Emergency Safehouse Program is for individuals currently experiencing domestic violence or sex trafficking who are at risk of injury if they remain in the same location as the abuser. Because of the safety needs of residents, the location of the Emergency Safehouse Program must be kept confidential. Survivors and their children are provided with access to comprehensive supportive services and referrals designed to keep them safe, address the abuse, and to obtain safe permanent housing.  

The Emergency Safehouse Program always operates at full capacity. Because of the demand for safe shelter, same day entries do not occur. Survivors complete a screening process to ensure the program is a good fit for their needs. After completing the screening, survivors can enter the program when space is available.   

WEAVE provides the Emergency Safehouse Program at two confidential locations. Survivors are assigned to a location based on space availability, family size, and other factors affecting their safety.  

WEAVE’s Emergency Safehouse Program provides a short term stay for survivors. At the Safehouse, survivors may access free and voluntary services. Each survivor works with program staff to determine their individual needs and to create a plan that works for their family.  

Services include: 

  • Temporary Emergency Housing 
  • Emergency transportation  
  • Access to emergency food and assistance obtaining additional food through CalFresh, local food banks, etc.  
  • Emergency and work clothing  
  • Job readiness and workforce development services 
  • Advocacy, assistance, and referrals to other supportive services and in interacting with public agencies, other nonprofits, etc. 
  • Individual counseling for adults and children ages 4 years and older  
  • Group counseling for adults    
  • Crisis intervention and case management 
  • School advocacy for school age children 
  • Medical advocacy and mental health referrals 
  • Parenting and Support groups 
  • Children’s program with assessment, structured play groups, and enrichment workshops 
  • Legal Services information and referrals 
  • Accompaniment to court hearings, appointments, and law enforcement interviews 
  • Financial Empowerment Services including assistance obtaining and understanding credit reports, responding to credit needs, etc.  
  • Housing education, advocacy, and referrals 
  • Holistic self-care services for survivors and their children: music, art, yoga, crafts, among others 
  • Other important resources and community referrals 

WEAVE is a member of the Sacramento County Continuum of Care. As a member, WEAVE enters data related to its services to help document the need for housing services for individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness into the HMIS system. A copy of the HMIS Consumer Notice is made available through our website and to all clients served at our Safehouse Program.