Transitional Housing


WEAVE’s Transitional Housing Program is available to survivors who have completed the Safehouse Program and require additional time and support to become stable and obtain permanent housing.

The Transitional Housing Program always operates at full capacity and admission into the Emergency Safehouse Program does not guarantee movement to the Transitional Housing Program. Survivors may not directly enter the Transitional Housing Program without having completed the Emergency Safehouse Program.  

The intent of the Transitional Housing Program is to remove barriers to housing, employment, and economic self-sufficiency for survivors who have completed WEAVE’s Emergency Shelter Program. The Transitional Housing Program is based on availability and the length of stay is a minimum of six months. While in the program, survivors have access to voluntary supportive services including:  

  • Case management 
  • Counseling 
  • Job assistance 
  • Legal resources and referrals 
  • Financial literacy 
  • Referrals to Education and Training services to prepare survivors to enter/reenter the workforce. 
  • Other supportive services. 
  • Aftercare Program services upon exiting Transitional Housing for a minimum of three months. 

WEAVE is a member of the Sacramento County Continuum of Care. As a member, WEAVE enters data related to its services to help document the need for housing services for individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness into the HMIS system. A copy of the HMIS Consumer Notice is made available through our website and to all clients served at our Safehouse Program.