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Verizon Foundation Funds Financial Empowerment Program
$50,000 Grant Provides Critical Resources for Survivors

The Verizon Foundation awarded $50,000 to support WEAVE’s Financial Empowerment program. The funds will support at least 100 victims of domestic violence who experienced financial abuse. The funding is critical to addressing an ongoing need. Financial abuse is the most pervasive abuse experienced by victims of domestic violence with 91% of victims accessing counseling and legal assistance indicating financial abuse and 100% of victims requiring emergency shelter and transitional housing experiencing financial abuse.

News release

A Gathering of Asian and Pacific Islander Voices
Fostering Cultural Competency

Thanks to WEAVE’s sister agency, My Sister’s House, on June 10, WEAVE hosted “A Gathering of Asian and Pacific Islander Voices” to foster cultural competency.

In January of 2009, My Sister’s House launched the Fostering Cultural Competency Project with the support of the Blue Shield Foundation. WEAVE was excited to be asked to become a part of the project in 2012.

News release

WEAVE Initiated Bill Carried by Speaker Atkins Receives National Attention
Huffington Post Blog Post by Speaker Atkins Highlights Importance of Legislation

WEAVE knows that technology can be critical to a survivor’s ability to stay in touch with family, seek employment, and ensure their safety. Unfortunately, technology is often used to harass and stalk, as well. WEAVE recognized a trend of abusers manipulating family cell phone plans. Common challenges reported by survivors included having their phone disconnected and the abuser using the GPS features and phone records to stalk survivors.


MyStrength Clubs Use “Joke” About Domestic Violence As Teachable Moment

WEAVE recognizes that reducing domestic violence and sexual assault depends as much on education as providing crisis intervention services. This commitment is shown in history of school and community based prevention education programs. In 2009, WEAVE was chosen to implement the Coaching Boys Into Men program as a part of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded evaluation effort. To learn more about Coaching Boys into Men and the results, click here. The agency also launched MyStrength Clubs.


BeSpoken – Ending Violence Suits You
The WEAVE Suit

BeSpoken - clothing made to fit a particular person

WEAVE has partnered with R. Douglas Custom Clothier to create The WEAVE Suit.

The Suit:
A limited availability custom WEAVE lining and label enhance the lines of the R. Douglas suit of your choice. 20% of all proceeds to support WEAVE’s 24/7 crisis intervention services.


WEAVE Responds to Violence by NFL Players
Media Interviews Emphasize Accountability

In the days following the release of the video showing Ray Rice violently assault his then fiance, WEAVE has been called upon numerous times to provide perspective. Throughout the discussions with local radio and television stations, we have remained adamant that responsibility for domestic violence rests solely on the shoulders of the abuser and accountability is crucial. We have also stressed that any efforts to shift blame to the victim are detrimental and unacceptable. We have provided links to several of the interviews provided below:


VAWA Passes!
President Obama will sign legislation

Update for February 28, 2013:  YOU did it!  The calls and urging from across the nation resulted in the passage of the S47 version of the Violence Against Women Act this morning!  The version passed is comprehensive and ensures coverage for all victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.  Thank you to everyone who advocated for the reauthorization of this critical legislation and for taking a stand in support of the rights of every person to live without fear. 


New Child Safety Seat Laws

California’s New Child Passenger Safety Law effective January 1, 2012:

California Law will require children to ride in the back seat in a properly secured child passenger safety restraint until they are at least 8 years old or until they are at least 4 feet 9 inches in height.

Properly buckling your children in before every trip in your car is critical.


WEAVE board member receives hero award

Dr. Priya Batra, a clinical psychologist who serves on the WEAVE board of directors, is being honored by The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and Human Services Coordinating Council with the Heroes of Human Services Award. She has demonstrated outstanding commitment to human services on many levels. Batra co-led a multidisciplinary taskforce that addressed the handling of domestic violence issues within the Sacramento Kaiser Permanente region. From this, Batra developed a protocol for handling domestic violence and trained hundreds of doctors in its implementation.


Stockholm Syndrome

The term Stockholm Syndrome has also been referenced in the Dugard case.

Stockholm Syndrome develops under four conditions:

1. The victim perceives the abuser as a threat to their survival, physically or psychologically.
2. The victim perceives the abuser as showing some kindness, however small.
3. The victim is kept isolated from others.
4. The victim does not perceive a way to escape the abuser.