Impact of Federal Shutdown on WEAVE
All WEAVE services remain available without disruption.

News release

January 23, 2019

As the government shutdown continues, media reports continue to highlight the impact on agencies, like WEAVE, that provide 24/7 crisis intervention services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking.

A national article published by Glamour on January 14 includes remarks by WEAVE CEO Beth Hassett. The article effectively addresses the differences in impact between rural, suburban and urban organizations and Beth’s comments call out the chilling effect of the shutdown on vulnerable victims who worry help may not be available. We want those seeking services, our supporters, and the community to understand how the shutdown impacts, and may impact, WEAVE.

All WEAVE services remain available without interruption. No plans to reduce services are required, at this time.

When the government initially shutdown, it resulted in temporary furloughs for those who work at the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women. Those employees were deemed necessary employees and returned to work. Distributed appropriations through the Violence Against Women Act remained available and payment claims continued to be fulfilled through January 18. On January 18, we received notification that funding availability was extended. Funds are available to meet Office on Violence Against Women obligations to grantees (including states) through March 1. Office on Violence Against Women staff continue to work including review and approval of contracts and budgets. WEAVE is awaiting approval of four OVW grants but does not anticipate the shutdown impacting the process at this time.

The WEAVE Board of Directors and leadership staff work to build a diverse revenue structure. This includes gifts from individuals, local businesses, and private foundations and revenues from our three thrift stores. Our emphasis on multiple funding streams allows us to weather times like these when funding delays and fluctuations could disrupt WEAVE’s lifesaving services.

Because of the support of our community, our services remain fully operational. We ask our community to continue to stand with us so that victims need not worry about seeking help when faced with the need to flee a violent relationship or seek help due to sexual violence. Donations to WEAVE can be made here.

Additionally, we want to reassure our supporters that the expiration of the Violence Against Women Act is a result of the federal government shutdown and is considered temporary. Our national coalitions indicate bipartisan support for renewing VAWA when the shutdown ends. We continue to advocate for a permanent renewal of VAWA to avoid future expirations and with funding to respond to the ongoing needs of victims as well as emerging trends. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence continues to provide effective communications about the national and local implications of the VAWA expiration for those who would like additional information.