A Gathering of Asian and Pacific Islander Voices
Fostering Cultural Competency

News release

Thanks to WEAVE’s sister agency, My Sister’s House, on June 10, WEAVE hosted “A Gathering of Asian and Pacific Islander Voices” to foster cultural competency.

In January of 2009, My Sister’s House launched the Fostering Cultural Competency Project with the support of the Blue Shield Foundation. WEAVE was excited to be asked to become a part of the project in 2012.

The Fostering Cultural Competency Project was created to increase the ability of all participating agencies to understand the unique needs of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community and to provide culturally tailored outreach, prevention practices and policies. In addition, it was established to help raise awareness among the Asian and Pacific Islander ethnic and cultural organizations regarding domestic violence and lay the foundation for a collaborative relationship between domestic violence agencies and the API groups with their services areas.

Special thank you to Hendry Ton from UC Davis, Nenick Vu of Care Navigation Council, Nancy Tran of Radio TNT, Laura Vu of Hmong Women’s Heritage Association, Sujatha Moni of CSU, Sacramento and Lyla Jalao, a domestic violence advocate for sharing information about their cultures including the history, customs and traditions, gender roles, family structures, and ways that WEAVE staff, volunteers and community members can better understand working with survivors from the API community.

WEAVE enjoys working with our sister agencies to build a supportive and inclusive environment for all survivors and thanks everyone for being involved.