What to do if you think you are being stalked.

  • Document incidents of stalking
    • Stalking Incident Log & Telephone Call Log 
    • Take screen shots of harassment via social media pages, texts, etc.
  • Think about security:
    • Personal – be aware of surroundings
    • Residential – change locks, residential alarm, notify neighbors (neighborhood watch)
    • Workplace – notify employer, co-workers, security
    • Vehicle – look around, under, and in car before entering and then close door and lock car and then start ignition
  • Look into obtaining restraining order from court
  • Be mindful of social media security settings 
    • Block the stalker/abuser
    • Be aware of mutual friends who may share information
    • Avoid “checking in” if stalker has history of turning up when you are out with friends.
    • Ask others to not tag you in posts, if necessary
    • Turn off geo-tagging features