Victim to Survivor to Certified Advocate!

Survivor Story

I was a victim of domestic violence for almost 20 years. I finally left for good the third time. I am back in school to be a teacher and went through my local 70 hour training to be certified as an advocate.

Last month I did my first presentation, “DV 101″, for the same training that I just went through. Every bit of advocacy that I do helps me recover from my long years of abuse. I also used WEAVE services when I lived in the Sacto area and, after years of being told I “like drama” and “it didn’t happen,” they helped me realize I was a victim. It was so good to be believed and realize all my stress and problems were from being dv victim, not because, as my batterer told me, I like it or I invent drama. Thank you WEAVE! Survivors Rule!