Wish List Spotlight
Current Immediate Needs


Thank you for supporting survivors. We maintain wish lists for our every day needs and highlight special holiday requests here. We use Amazon Wish Lists that make it easy to support survivors and have the items shipped directly to WEAVE. We also can accept donations at our midtown office located at 1900 K Street in Sacramento. Donations are accepted Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5 pm.

You can view our Everyday Wish List on Amazon - You can also purchase items and have them shipped directly to us via Amazon.com (sign in using www.smile.amazon.com and choose WEAVE as the beneficiary to help even more). You can purchase the items and ship them directly to us at:

Attn: Development Department
1900 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

All items sent as a “gift” will include your name and contact information and we will provide a written acknowledgment of your donation.