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American Indian/Alaskan Native Resources

American Indian and Alaskan Native adults and children experience domestic and sexual violence at rates higher than any other cultural group yet culturally responsive resources are limited. To respond to this need, WEAVE works to ensure culturally-informed services for American Indian and Alaskan Native survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking.

WEAVE has partnered with the Sacramento Native American Health Center since 2013 to improve responsiveness to survivors accessing care through SNAHC and to improve the knowledge and capacity of WEAVE employees who support American Indian and Alaskan Native survivors. A WEAVE Advocate and a Counselor are embedded at SNAHC to provide an immediate response and to also provide ongoing advocacy and support to survivors, including those survivors who stay in a WEAVE shelter.

Recognizing the unique needs of American Indian and Alaskan Native survivors, WEAVE has culturally appropriate materials available which can be requested by emailing To learn more about the impact of domestic and sexual violence on the American Indian and Alaskan Native communities, the following resources offer a starting point.

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