Financial Abuse
Research demonstrates value of financial literacy education


Research regarding the impact of financial literacy education for domestic violence survivors was recently released by Rutgers University School of Social Work. The research examined a financial empowerment program developed by the Allstate Foundation and National Network to End Domestic Violence. An article in the Huffington Post highlighted the findings and the devastation of financial abuse.

The story and the research validate the reality for the domestic violence victims served by WEAVE. Financial abuse is a significant factor in keeping victims in an abusive relationship. Victims are denied access to funds for the most basic of needs or must account for every penny spent. Batterers obtain credit in the victim’s name, leaving them with crushing debt if they attempt to leave. Poor credit makes securing an apartment impossible. Harassment at work can result in frequent job loss and eventual difficulty in obtaining the employment needed to be self-sufficient and end the abuse. Sadly, many victims do not immediately recognize the financial abuse. It is just another component of a cycle of power and control but also greatly affects a victim’s ability to leave the violent relationship.

WEAVE recognizes and educates victims on five types of abuse, including financial. Our programs are designed to respond to all types of abuse. Our Safehouse program includes financial literacy education to provide survivors with the tools they need for self-sufficiency. Trained volunteers work with clients to review credit reports. Our employees and volunteers work with survivors to ensure they understand employment protections available to them and we are working to ensure employers in our region can create safe and supportive workplaces.

Together we can build a community that does not tolerate domestic violence and sexual assault and provides survivors with the support they need to be safe and thrive. We can do this by refusing to condone any type of abuse. We can do this together.