WEAVE at Los Rios


WEAVE at Los Rios

Sexual assault has a substantial impact on a student’s educational experience and success in college. Too often, we hear the stories after campuses fail their students. Additionally, these cases highlight that when victims report assaults to their schools, including campus law enforcement and counseling centers, their reports may not be kept confidential. In fact, schools have latitude in who can be made aware of sexual assault reports, and victim approval for sharing is not required.  In these situations, victims feel even further violated by the sharing of the details of their attack, in addition to not receiving the support they need and deserve.

Last year, the Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD) proactively sought to strengthen resources for its students who experience sexual assault or domestic violence and established an innovative partnership with WEAVE.  

The cornerstone of the effort is the presence of a Confidential Advocate for students. The Confidential Advocate is a WEAVE employee who spends one day per week at each of the LRCCD campuses.  The Confidential Advocate meets with students who have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence, provides them with information about all of their options in reporting, and is instrumental in linking survivors with other resources.  This may include supporting the survivor in making a formal report or accessing additional WEAVE resources.  The choice is the student’s and they are able to make informed decisions knowing they have the support of the Confidential Advocate.  The Confidential Advocate also provides classroom education focusing on healthy versus unhealthy relationships, sexual assault, and consent.

Schedule for when the advocate is on campus:

  • Monday- Sac City College
  • Tuesday- Folsom Lake College
  • Wednesday- American River College
  • Thursday- Cosumnes River College

To reach the Confidential WEAVE Advocate, call (916) 568-3011 or email WEAVE@losrios.edu