Thank You, WEAVE

Survivor Story

Hi. I just wanted to say thank you to WEAVE. A while back I lived in an abusive relationship. As an 18 year old, I didn’t know what to do or where to go or who to turn to. I was beaten physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually. I always thought it was my fault because he always blamed me no matter how much I tried to please him. It didn’t matter what I did, it was always my fault. He made death threats to me. I don’t know if that was normal. But the death threats still rings in my ear today. I remember using ropes and belts together to tie my jeans up. I wore jeans to sleep to try to protect myself from him and locked the bedroom door. Whenever he came home, he pretty much forced himself into the room and into me after I am all banged and bruised up by his fists and feet. I lived life not wanting to live. I was a walking shell. If not for my babies, I think I wouldn’t be here today.

WEAVE helped me realize that it wasn’t my fault. I went there for emotional support and to hear other stories and how they got away. WEAVE helped give me ideas on how to save money and how to plan to escape a violent environment. I still live in fear today and wake up crying from horrible nightmares and even have flash backs. But when I’m fully awake, I remind myself that I’m finally away from that situation and will never fall victim again. WEAVE helped me become a stronger person. I became a stronger person. Again, thank you WEAVE for all you’ve done. I have recommended WEAVE to a few people I’ve known who are going through what I went through and will continue to recommend people. WEAVE is one of the best programs I can ever hope for.


No Longer Living In Fear (MY)