Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)


WEAVE became Sacramento County’s sole Rape Crisis Center in 1988. The Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) of Sacramento County was formed in 1989. It is a victim-sensitive program designed to provide a team approach to responding to sexual assaults in our community. Teamwork, cooperation, communication, and flexibility are essential for the success of the Sexual Assault Response Team. The SART approach helps to reduce trauma, increase support, and have consistent evidence collection.

Local law enforcement contacts WEAVE when a sexual assault is reported in Sacramento County. WEAVE’s SART Advocates are called to meet survivors at Sutter Memorial to provide advocacy during evidentiary exams.

If you report the assault to law enforcement but they do not authorize an evidentiary examination, you may still receive an examination at your request. This is called a VAWA exam. To qualify for a VAWA exam, you should request the exam within five days of the assault. For more information about how to request a VAWA exam, contact WEAVE’s 24/7 Support Line at 916-920-2952. WEAVE can provide a SART Advocate to you for support and advocacy during the examination.

You may also request a VAWA exam even if you do not want to report the assault to law enforcement. Contact WEAVE’s 24/7 Support Line for information about how to request a VAWA exam without reporting to law enforcement – 916-920.2952. WEAVE can provide a SART Advocate to you for support and advocacy during the examination.

SART Advocates provide the following support to sexual assault survivors:

  • Accompaniment (medical, law enforcement, district attorney interviews)
  • Advocacy (information on rights and options)
  • Crisis Intervention (emotional support)
  • Resources (yoga pants, stuffed animal, snacks)
  • Referrals (shelter, social services)
  • Follow-up Services (phone support, counseling)

The following local agencies are Sacramento County’s SART members:

  • Sacramento Police and Sheriff’s Departments
  • other local Law Enforcement agencies
  • SAFE and CARE Teams at UCDMC
  • Bear Team at Sutter Memorial Hospital
  • Sacramento District Attorney’s Office
  • Victim Witness Program

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