Volunteers Providing Leadership & Vision


WEAVE is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Board members are recruited to bring the necessary skills and expertise to inform WEAVE’s strategic decisions, ensure financial responsibility and accountability, and to lead the organization in realizing its mission.

WEAVE’s board members take their legal, ethical, and fiduciary responsibilities seriously.  Every board member is recruited through a referral and interview process that ensures they understand the commitment expected.  Once elected, every member completes an orientation.  The orientation provides in-depth knowledge on WEAVE’s financial position, programs, policies, and board requirements including federal and state laws impacting nonprofit board service. 

All board members sign a Board Commitment Letter annually.  The letter details expectations for attendance, committee participation, and agreed upon financial support of the agency’s mission.  Board members also sign a Conflict of Interest statement on an annual basis.  The Conflict of Interest statement details board members’ obligation in disclosing real or potential conflicts.  Board members are also asked to identify any professional relationships with other board members and/or employees which are disclosed on WEAVE’s IRS Form 990 as required.  Any process which may result in a board member or their firm entering into a contract with WEAVE is documented to avoid any appearance of conflict.  When a board member’s firm does provide assistance to WEAVE for which they are compensated, the details of the agreement are disclosed during the audit and documented on IRS Form 990.

WEAVE’s Board of Directors meets at least six times during the year.  Board Committees meet regularly – typically monthly.  Monthly committees include Finance, Program, Fund Development, Facilities, Audit, Personnel and Government Relations.  Ad hoc committees and task forces are created to address short-term and/or one-time projects or opportunities. 

WEAVE’s annual budget is approved by the full board.  Financial Statements are prepared monthly and reviewed by the Finance Committee and shared with the full board.  A separate Audit Committee which meets the expectations of California’s Nonprofit Integrity Act works with an independent auditor each year to conduct the audit and prepare the IRS Form 990.  WEAVE maintains a current copy of its most recent audit and IRS Form 990 on its website to ensure transparency with the public.  WEAVE will also provide a hard copy of these documents within one week of request.