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WEAVE is grateful for its proud partnership with SMUD. Through the SMUD Shine! Program, WEAVE will replace all windows at its confidential Open House shelter program to improve energy efficiency and safety of residents. This project allows us to reduce our electric bills by replacing original windows in the facility with modern and energy efficient windows. The program creates an opportunity for us to educate survivors about energy efficiency and resources available through SMUD when they graduate the program and move into their apartments and homes. By helping survivors understand billing and how to use power at optimal times, we help them stretch their resources further and build good energy use habits. 

WEAVE and SMUD also partner through the Sustainable Communities program. While some of our plans have been stalled due to COVID, SMUD is invested in supporting WEAVE’s work in the Valley Hi and Meadowview neighborhoods in South Sacramento. Together, we are partnering with other organizations to support vulnerable families, explore new ways of preventing violence, and creating stronger communities. Like SMUD’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter to learn more about the many ways SMUD supports our community and the array of programs they provide to make our communities stronger and safer.