Silence Doesn’t Work Here
Resources for Employers in Responding to Domestic Violence


 Domestic violence is not an issue that stays at home.

With nearly one in three women reporting abuse at some time in their lives, domestic violence affects every workplace.

Silence Doesn’t Work Here is a partnership with employers to help employees, managers, and human resources professionals Recognize, Respond, and Refer victims of domestic violence while ensuring the workplace is supportive of victims and that its policies and procedures are aligned with legal protections for victims.

For many companies, employees are a key resource and success of the organization depends upon an employee’s success on the job. Things affecting employees affect the employer as well. Studies prove that employers who address domestic violence can provide real help to victims and reduce the risks associated with an abuser bringing the violence to work.

The flexible program can provide resources and education at the employee, manager, and human resources levels. This program will provide participants with the appropriate tools to recognize warning signs of abuse, create a safe work environment, support employees in violent relationships and how to safely refer employees to resources.

The Silence Doesn’t Work Here program offers tailored training and technical support as well as an adaptable resource kit for employers and human resources professionals. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Silence Doesn’t Work Here program, please fill out the form below and a member of Silences Doesn’t Work Here team will be in touch shortly.