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CLOSED: Audit Services

WEAVE is accepting bids to provide audit services for the 7/1/18 – 9/30/19 fiscal year. This is a 15 month fiscal year as WEAVE is transitioning to an October – September fiscal year. Hard copy proposals must be submitted by 5 pm on Friday, July 18, 2019. The full RFP can be found here.

WEAVE will accept and respond to clarifying questions regarding the RFP. All questions and answers will be posted to this page. Identity of the firm submitting the question(s) will not be provided. WEAVE will not respond to questions regarding current rates paid for audit services as cost of services is a key consideration in the decision making process.

Questions can be directed to Kelly Chavez, CFO at

Questions & Responses Received to Date:

Q: Have there been any changes in your accounting system or software since last year? A: No

Q: Have there been any major changes in staff turnaround in the past year?
A: No

Q: Do you expect to have any retirement or replacement of key employees?
A: No

Q: About how much time did the prior year auditors spend onsite to conduct their audit?
A: 5 days

Q: Are the prior year auditors being invited to bid? 
A: The prior year auditors are eligible to respond to the RFP if they choose. They must follow the process as laid out in the RFP.

Q: What are the things you liked and didn’t like about your current auditors?
A: N/A

Q: What were the prior year fees?
A: N/A

Q: What type of accounting/bookkeeping system does Weave use? 
A: Abila MIP

Q: Any major change of budgetary size or management turnover from previous year? 
A: No

Q: Approximately how many audit adjustments did the prior firm make as part of their audit? 
A: 4

Q: Any major reason why Weave is considering a change of audit firms? 
A: WEAVE distributes an audit RFP every 3 years.

Q: Any major disagreements in regards to accounting principles or auditing procedures? 
A: No

Q: How many days of fieldwork did the prior firm perform? How many auditors on those days? 
A: 5 days

Q: Is the previous firm being asked to propose?
A: Previous firm eligible to respond if they choose. Must follow process identified in the RFP.

Q: Please describe the staffing for the accounting department
A: 4 employees - CFO, Senior Accountant, Accountant, Accounting Clerk with 35 years combined experience. Background checks were performed and documented when hiring.

Q: Any problems with your accounting system and process to produce monthly and quarterly reports?
A: No

Q: Your year-end is September 30th; when are your books closed and ready for audit? Audit field work to begin after close of Q5 in November/early December.  Please reference this and additional deliverables timelines in section IV of the RFP.

Q: You have changed your year-end.  Have you changed it before with the IRS?  If so you must get permission for tax purposes from the commissioner.
A: No

Q: Was the target closing and audit dates met last year? (meaning same lag period in months; we understand you changed fiscal years)
A: N/A

Q: You have us reporting to the audit committee, do we also report to the board?
A: No

Q: What were the prior year fees – Audit & Tax?
A: N/A. 

Q: Were other special services provided not included in audit or tax?
A: No

Q: Thrift stores - Was an inventory prepared at the end of last year of each store?
A: Yes, By Staff 

Q: Was the thrift inventory observed and tested by the prior auditor?
A: Yes

Q: How do you control thrift inventory items that come in to ensure they are not taken by store managers or other employees?
A: We have internal controls to guard against theft including security cameras and inventory handling processes.  If/when theft is detected, action is taken.

Q: Are you aware of any fraud or have others brought to you concerns about fraud related to your organization?
A: No

Q: Was your organization or its employees under any governmental investigation or regulatory examination in the past three years?
A: No

Q: Associated with your organization and in addition the financials and audit
A: No

Q: Does WEAVE have any major suites or claims against it ($50,000 or more)?
A: No.


CLOSED: WEAVE Managed IT Services 

WEAVE seeks proposals from qualified vendors to provide managed IT services for all agency operations. RFP can be found here. All questions received from potential vendors will be posted to this page along with agency response in accordance with agency policy. Identity of potential vendors submitting questions will not be disclosed. The anticipated RFP timeline appears below. See RFP for additional information.

RFP Released:                   May 11, 2019
Q&A Period:                      May 13 – June 14 
Proposals Due:                  June 21, 2019 at 5 pm
Proposal Review:             June 24-28
Interviews:                         July 1-3 and/or July 8-10
Vendor Selection:            July 12, 2019
Vendor Start Date:          August 1, 2019*

*See RFP for information regarding transition period with current provider, if needed.

Questions & Responses Submitted by Potential Vendors:

Q1: Please confirm due date.

A1: Proposals are due on June 21 at 5 pm. Inconsistent date on page 6 is an error. 

Q2: Will WEAVE consider increasing the page limit for the Services section from five to seven pages?

A2: Yes, applicants may use up to seven pages for the Services section.

Q3: What is the purpose of, and the operating system on, the 2-in-1 tablets that employees use? Are these primary computing devices for some employees (such that we should think of them more like a computer system), or are they really more email only or secondary devices for employees (like an iPad)?

A3: The 2 in 1 tablets are used by staff for sharing/showing online resources to client, completing basic data entry, and responding to emails. The staff who use them have access to laptops/desktop computers for more substantive work and would be considered a secondary device. They use a Microsoft Operating system. 

Q4: Do you have an estimate of how much data is in use or consumed on the server(s). 

A4: The file server currently has 256GB of data stored.

CLOSED: Learning Platform for Early Identification of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children 

WEAVE was selected to develop and implement the Early Identification of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Training Program for the state of California. The project is funded through a grant from the California Office of Emergency Services. The purpose of the project is to provide schools with education and tools to identify, intervene, and ultimately prevent the commercial sexual exploitation of children through in-person and online training and learning activities. The training program’s target audiences include K-12 educators, administrators, school personnel, and students.

A key project deliverable is the development and implementation of a secure, online learning website where access to all trainings, modules and educational tools are available to K-12 educators, administrators, school personnel, and students throughout the state. WEAVE will provide experts to develop content, create storyboards, and participate in design process. 

WEAVE is soliciting proposals to design, test, and launch the online training website for this project. The funded project budget allows for $32,000 – $40,000 for total costs for the RFP.

Key dates for RFP Process:

  • 11/21/18 – Proposals due by 5 pm
  • 12/14/18 – Contract award announced

UPDATE – Decision delayed until contracting with funder is completed. Responders to RFP have been notified of delay.

  • 01/08/19 – Mandatory Kick off meeting at 1 pm at WEAVE

The RFP timeline is subject to change. The current information will be maintained on this webpage.

Questions Regarding RFP Requirements – All questions must be submitted in writing per RFP instructions. All questions and responses will be posted to this page to allow for review by all applicants. 

Questions & Answers

The following questions have been submitted for clarification:

Have you been using any existing LMS systems or done a comparison? If so, are you looking to integrate with an existing LMS system or something completely proprietary?  

WEAVE adapted it’s Silence Doesn’t Work Here program to e-learning ( a year ago. WEAVE does not require the proposed project to integrate with this site and it can be completely proprietary. 

The following two info requests appear in the RFP: 1) Describe company’s e-learning solutions and how they fit with other company offerings or products. 2) Describe three relevant work projects including an overview of the design process, timeline for project, e-learning solutions provided, and challenges incurred and solutions used. Provide URLs for each project. My company isn’t a specific e-learning specialist. However, we have deep experience building a wide spread of mobile app and web solutions. Are you looking for teams with specific e-learning experience or is this an open call?

We do not require the selected contractor to be an e-learning expert. We are interested in reviewing proposals that can demonstrate the ability to deliver the required interactive e-learning components in an attractive, easy to navigate and sustainable website. We will consider similar successful work with evidence that the contractor can produce the expected deliverables. 


Can we assume that WEAVE will provide finalized and approved content for the eleven modules to include organization of content in course lessons and pages, screen text on course pages, narration scripts, and all tests?

Yes. The project is to adapt an approved curriculum to an e-learning environment. No part of the project requires content development. Please refer to page 3 of the RFP which includes a list of content and components which WEAVE will provide.

If the assumption in question 1 is correct, when would the finalized and approved content be provided?

 Draft content is expected to be ready for the mandatory kick off meeting for discussion purposes with discussion for needed refining to occur during that meeting and through the end of January.

Would WEAVE consider modifying the timeline to provide substantially more time to complete the contractor deliverables?

The timeline provided is based on funder requirements. The project must be completed and fully operational by the September 30, 2019 funding period end date. All other deliverable dates are dictated by funder requirements. Some flexibility within the timeline can be discussed but the contractor will be expected to complete all deliverables in a time frame that allows for comprehensive testing and subsequent updates.