Additional Resources for Teens


There are many resources for teens seeking help with a domestic violence or sexual assault / harassment situation. The following list will help you find the right resource for the issues you are facing, whatever they may be.

24-Hour Crisis Hotlines

  • WEAVE’s Support Line 916.920.2952
  • California Youth Crisis Line 1.800.843.5200
  • Diogenes Youth Services 1.800.339.7177
  • National Runaway Hotline 1.800.621.4000
  • Sacramento Crisis Nursery 916.394.2000
  • Mental Health Center Psychiatric Crisis 916.875.1000
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline 916.368.3111


Break the Cycle
Love is Respect
That’s not Cool
My Strength
Sleeping Advisor: Sleeping While Homeless


Counseling/Support Groups

Emergency Shelters

  • WEAVE: Shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. 916.920.2952
  • WIND Youth Center
    9 AM-5 PM Drop-in center for homeless youth and shelter for youth ages 12-17. 800.339.7177

Substance Abuse

Latina Services

Asian Services

Native American Services

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Services

Pregnancy & Parenting

HIV Testing

  • California AIDS Hotline 1.800.367.2437
  • Planned Parenthood 916.446.6921
  • County Health Clinic 916.874.7720