Staying Safe at College
Know the Facts about Sexual Assault and Protect Yourself


Off to College

We know sending your daughter off to college is scary. She is leaving home and making new friends. Your ability to protect her changes.

Let’s face it, she may make choices you don’t like.

Unfortunately, young women heading off to college also face the threat of sexual assault. While sexual assault is always the fault of the perpetrator, there are important conversations you can have with your daughter to help her be aware. 

The Reality of Sexual Assault on College Campuses

  • 1 in 5 young women will experience sexual assault and/or rape during college.
  • 90% of the victims new their perpetrator.

-US Department of Justice, 2007

  • At least 1/2 of sexual assaults involved use of alcohol by the victim, assailant, or both.

-National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women, 2008

  • 6-10% of college age men admit to sexually assaulting another student. 
  • 2/3 of these med admit to being serial rapists.

Repeat Rape & Multiple Offending Among Undetected Rapists. Lisak, 2002

Staying Safe While Enjoying College

The small percentage of men at college who rape look for opportunity and vulnerability to take advantage of a female is vulnerable. If you experience or see these tactics, trust your instincts. Find a trusted friend to help you leave. Intervene if you think another woman is at risk.

  • Be wary of the guy encouraging you to binge drink – the guy who wants to buy you shots isn’t interested in getting to know you.
  • If you see “that guy” trying to get another girl drunk, intervene and ask if she’s okay. Be the friend you would want.
  • If you plan to go to a party, go with friends. Be honest with each other about your plans for the night and have each other’s backs.
  • Arrange for a shuttle or ride with a sober driver you know.
  • If you agree to all return home at the same time, stick to the pact.
  • Know your college’s resources and where to get help if you need and where to refer a friend who has been assaulted.