WEAVE Partners with CA State Senate and Assembly to Support Survivors of Sexual Violence
WEAVE to provide Confidential Advocate for Survivors of Sexual Misconduct

News release

As the national dialogue regarding sexual misconduct and violence intensified, a group of California women issued the first open statement by women working in California politics calling for an end to the pervasive culture of harassment and assault within the Capitol community. The words demanded a call to action.

In December, WEAVE signed a contract with the California State Senate to provide a Confidential Advocate accessible to Senators, Senate staffers, and Senate interns through a confidential telephone number, confidential email, and appointments at a nearby office. A similar contract with signed with the California State Assembly in early January extending identical access and resources to Assemblymembers, staffers and interns.

The Confidential Advocate will offer emotional support, reporting options, and internal and external resources to Senate staffers who have experienced sexual misconduct including sexual harassment and sexual assault.

WEAVE offers survivor-centered and trauma-informed services with an assurance of confidentiality not available through any other partnership. As the sole Rape Crisis Center for Sacramento County, WEAVE is the only local organization that can provide Sexual Assault Counselors as defined by the California Evidence Code and offers an assurance of confidentiality privilege and protected communications for survivors of sexual violence. Additionally, WEAVE will educate Senators, Assemblymembers, staffers, and those interfacing with them about sexual misconduct to move towards changing the culture of Capitol community.

WEAVE will report aggregate data about its activities to each entity. No identifying information about any survivor will be shared. Additionally, no member of the Senate, Assembly nor Senate or Assembly employees will have access to the confidential telephone number, confidential emails, or identities of individuals meeting with the Confidential Advocate.

We applaud the actions taken by the California State Senate and Assembly as they demonstrate a commitment to begin working to change the Capitol culture. Those who experience sexual harassment and assault can report their experiences and receive support outside of the existing systems and structures and with an assurance of confidentiality. The commitment to educate Senators, Assemblymembers, employees and lobbyists shows an assurance to building a workplace that does not tolerate sexual misconduct and demands equity and respect.