WEAVE Expands Services at Family Resource Centers
WEAVE Services Available at Family Resource Centers

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Meeting Survivors Where They Are – Expanded Services Through Family Resource Center Partnerships

Many survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault experience barriers to accessing services. Transportation can be the most daunting barrier. Survivors may not have access to a personal car or the abuser may monitor mileage making seeking help away from the immediate neighborhood difficult. Those without a car may be faced with long commute times if relying on public transportation as well as the cost.

As part of our commitment to eliminating barriers, WEAVE continues to increase access to services by embedding WEAVE Counselors and Advocates with partner organizations. We focus on partnering with agencies that are trusted neighborhood resources that survivors can safely access. Our most effective example of this is through our partnership with eight Family Resource Centers. Survivors may go directly to these Family Resource Centers to initiate services or may be referred by the WEAVE Counseling Center if the Family Resource Center provides a more accessible location. Days and hours will vary by site and survivors can contact WEAVE’s 24/7 Support & Information Line (bilingual staff and translator services available) for additional information about accessing services at the following Family Resource Centers:


Arden Community Center
2427 Marconi Ave.
Sacramento, CA   95821
(916) 514-8096


North Highlands Family Resource Center
6015 Watt Ave.
North Highlands, CA   95660
(916) 679-3925


Del Paso Heights Family Resource Center (“The Firehouse”)
811 Grand Ave.
Sacramento, CA   95838
(916) 927-7694


La Familia Family Resource Center
5523 34th Street
Sacramento, CA   95820


River Oak Family Resource Center
4625 44th St., Room 36
Sacramento, CA   95820
(916) 244-5800


North Sacramento Family Resource Center
2469 Rio Linda Blvd, Ste. B 
Sacramento, CA   95815
(916) 679-3743  

Meadowview Family Resource Center
2251 Florin Road, Suite 158
Sacramento, CA   95822
(916) 394-6300


Valley Hi Resource Center
7000 Franklin Blvd, Suite 820
Sacramento, CA  95823