Survivor Story

Work for WEAVE

WEAVE relies on strengths and skills of 160+ unique individuals to provide 24/7 survivor-centered services every day of the year. We need people who are passionate about leveraging their individual strengths to help meet organizational goals. Employment opportunities are available for those who wish to directly support survivors through housing, therapeutic counseling, legal services, and crisis intervention. Opportunities exist in finance, human resources, philanthropy, and retail positions as well. 

Survivor Story

Living Proof

Once I got into the Safehouse I began to feel safe. I never knew that there were people and agencies designed to help victims rebuild their lives. The Safehouse provided me with a safe place to rest and gather my thoughts.

Survivor Story

Break the Cycle

WEAVE gave me resources, but most importantly WEAVE gave me the confidence and the knowledge. I had a chance to break the cycle.