Sexual Assault


Sexual Assault

What happened was not your fault.

Sexual assault is never a victim’s fault, regardless of what you were wearing, if you had said yes before, if you know the perpetrator(s) or if drugs or alcohol were involved.

We believe you.

WEAVE Advocates are available to you on the 24-hour Support and Information Line, 916.920.2952, for support and will not judge you.

It is important to get medical attention.

Whether or not you report the assault to law enforcement, it is important to get checked out medically for any injuries, pregnancy, or sexually transmitted diseases.

It is your decision whether or not to report.

Call WEAVE’s 24-hour Support and Information Line, 916.920.2952, if you would like more information about reporting or call 911 (or ask a friend to call) to report your rape to police. You can also visit a hospital emergency room or your own doctor and ask them to call the police for you. If you visit the emergency room and tell a nurse you have been raped, the hospital will generally perform a sexual assault forensic examination. This involves collecting evidence of the attack, such as hairs, fluids and fibers, and preserving the evidence for forensic analysis. WEAVE can provide someone to accompany you for the exam, if you wish.                                                                      
In many cases, the police will come to you and take a statement about what occurred. It helps to write down every detail you can remember, as soon as possible, so you can communicate the details to the police.  While there’s no way to change what happened to you, you can seek justice and help stop it from happening to someone else. Reporting to the police is the most effective tool that exists to prevent future rapes. In the end, though, whether or not to report is your decision.

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