Stories of Survival


Stories of Survival

It takes courage, strength, and readiness to ask for help. Learn a little from a few of ours clients and their stories of survival. 

Survivor Story
Image of The Story of Tucker

The Story of Tucker

Did you know that more than half of school-age children staying in domestic violence shelters—like WEAVE’s Safehouse—show clinical levels of anxiety or posttraumatic stress disorder?

Without treatment, these children are at risk for suicide, school drop-out, and repeating the cycle of violence.

Survivor Story
Image of To My Friends at WEAVE

To My Friends at WEAVE

I came alone and I’m leaving with a handful of friends. I’m gonna miss everyone of you and I wish you the best to all.

Survivor Story
Image of Living Proof

Living Proof

Once I got into the Safehouse I began to feel safe. I never knew that there were people and agencies designed to help victims rebuild their lives. The Safehouse provided me with a safe place to rest and gather my thoughts.

Survivor Story
Image of Thank You, WEAVE

Thank You, WEAVE

Hi. I just wanted to say thank you to WEAVE. A while back I lived in an abusive relationship. As an 18 year old, I didn’t know what to do or where to go or who to turn to. I was beaten physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually.

Survivor Story
Image of Victim to Survivor to Certified Advocate!

Victim to Survivor to Certified Advocate!

I was a victim of domestic violence for almost 20 years. I finally left for good the third time. I am back in school to be a teacher and went through my local 70 hour training to be certified as an advocate.

Survivor Story
Image of Break the Cycle

Break the Cycle

WEAVE gave me resources, but most importantly WEAVE gave me the confidence and the knowledge. I had a chance to break the cycle.