Prevention & Education


Prevention & Education

WEAVE is committed to breaking the cycle of violence by educating the community to better understand the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault.

We offer outreach presentations to local schools, teen groups, faith groups, businesses, neighborhood groups, law enforcement, healthcare professionals and any other interested parties. You may request a presentation by contacting Erienne at or 916 319 4948. 

The majority of WEAVE’s services are offered out of the main Counseling Center at 1900 K Street in downtown Sacramento. To learn more about WEAVE’s services, contact the 24-Hour Support & Information Line at 916.920.2952.

WEAVE also spearheads campaigns, events, and activities for Sacramento County for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April and Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. These awareness month campaigns include activities like Jeans for Justice Day and Women Take Back the Night. Learn more.


Teen Education Program

WEAVE’s Teen Education Program provides presentations in middle schools, high schools, and various teen groups. The program educates youth between 12 and 18 years old about domestic and sexual violence. The curriculum includes the roots of violence, gender socialization, the cycle of violence, types of abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault and healthy relationships. The presentation includes a combination of lecture, videos, role play and class participation.


Educational Presentations for Adults
Voices Against Violence

WEAVE’s Community Educator and volunteer speaker’s bureau, Voices Against Violence, provides educational presentations and trainings to thousands of adults throughout the greater Sacramento area. Speakers present to a variety of audiences and cover a wide range of topics related to domestic violence and sexual assault, including WEAVE services and resources, Rape Trauma Syndrome, the dynamics of abuse, effects of violence on children, and intervention strategies. Presentations can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.


Silence Doesn’t Work Here
Resources for Employers in Responding to Domestic Violence

Image of Silence Doesn’t Work Here

Domestic violence is not an issue that stays at home.

With nearly one in three women reporting abuse at some time in their lives, domestic violence affects every workplace.

Silence Doesn’t Work Here is a partnership with employers to help employees, managers, and human resources professionals Recognize, Respond, and Refer victims of domestic violence while ensuring the workplace is supportive of victims and that its policies and procedures are aligned with legal protections for victims.


Resource Fairs & Booths

As WEAVE’s name has become increasingly familiar in the community, requests for our presence at fairs has increased as well. We are grateful that so many organizations value WEAVE’s participation. Unfortunately, this also means that we are unable to fill all of the requests that we receive. WEAVE’s agreement to participate is based on the information and availability of staff. Materials, brochures, emergency cards, etc., will be available for pick-up for fairs even if WEAVE is unable to attend.

To request a representative please contact Erienne at or 916.319.4948.

To help us better accommodate your request, please submit a request well in advance of your chosen date.


Professional Training

WEAVE offers an array of educational options tailored to different professional groups. WEAVE has worked in partnership with medical professionals, law enforcement, homeless service providers, private businesses, other community educators, and many more to build knowledge and capacity in regards to domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Topics are customized based on the experience and needs of the audience. To see WEAVE’s current professional education offerings, click here.