Supporting Survivors During - and After - COVID 19


We are a survivor-centered and trauma informed organization. This does not change.

When the threat of COVID 19 emerged, we stepped back and ask ourselves how it would affect victims. We asked ourselves a lot of questions . . .

  • What are the new risks for a survivor living with an abusive partner?
  • What will our shelter residents need?
  • How do we support a survivor who needs legal intervention with the courts closed?
  • How do we ensure the privacy of all survivors with remote services?

When mandates were issued, we were ready. We increased staffing on the 24/7 Support Line; added online chat; moved all counseling, legal assistance, and advocacy to being provided by phone; and implemented social distancing protocols at our shelters. We created a new infrastructure to support staff who were serving fragile families facing trauma in a different way.

Responding to necessary changes created by a global pandemic has not been easy. We continue to do the best we can and center every decision on what survivors need. 

As we adapt for an ever changing “now”, we know what’s coming will be an even bigger challenge. We need your help.

The reality is that thousands of survivors are doing their best until shelter at home orders are lifted. When that happens, the need for WEAVE will be greater than any other single moment in our history. This need will continue for months. Victims will need immediate support, safety planning, shelter, and legal assistance.

We need you. We need you today to ensure victims can be safe and supported. We need you tomorrow when even more victims come forward.

Our financial reality has also changed. A Spring event and Summer conference are cancelled and the expected $400,000 in revenue is gone.

We are asking for your support with a focus on three areas experiencing the greatest impact. Click on the links below to learn more about the individual programs. There is a link on each page to donate to that program or you can make an unrestricted gift by clicking here

24/7 Crisis Intervention & Support

Safe Shelter

Legal Assistance

If you would like to purchase needed items, a COVID 19 specific Wish List is available. We ask that donation of supplies be limited to what is requested and delivery arranged in advance. Details are provided on the Wish List.