Open House


The communal Safehouse may not ideal for some survivors. This may include male or transgender survivors who seek greater privacy; those with medical needs or disabilities who require greater control over the living space; survivors who live near the Safehouse.

In addition, Openhouse offers the WEAVE Plus One Program to survivors of domestic violence who have experienced barriers related to their pets.The program is available considering space, but we retain the right to deny pets when necessary due to overcrowded conditions, behavior, temperament, or other factors that would compromise the health, safety or well-being of the residents and/or other pets.

WEAVE received a forgivable $1 million loan through the Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP) to support the purchase and safety upgrades of an eight unit apartment complex that has been transformed into Open House. In partnership with HomeAid Sacramento, WEAVE is able to make those repairs and renovate each unit with new fixtures and finishes.  We are incredibly grateful to the Lennar Foundation for their financial support and leadership as the project’s Builder Captain. Allstate Foundation and Intel have also provided financial support towards the costs of repairs and operations.

We have prepared an infographic with additional information about the project and why Open House is so important to our community. You can download and print the document, here

Want to get involved? Download the Open House essentials list for items we need to fill the apartments.  For more information, please contact the Philanthropy Department at