24/7 Crisis Intervention & Support
Supporting Survivors During COVID 19


We already answer 13,000 calls a year on our 24/7 Support & Information Line. With the shelter at home order, victims have little time away from abusers, making it harder to reach out for help.  We are receiving more calls from victims and those calls are intensifying – victims sharing experiences of increased violence, threats, and fear for their children in the home.

We increased staffing on our 24/7 Support & Information Line so every call is answered. We added secure online chat service to give an alternative to calling should an abuser be at home. Chats increase every day.

24/7 support is not cheap and those costs are increasing. Our government grants already failed to cover the full cost of meeting demand before COVID 19. They will not fund additional services like chat or increased staffing. Infrastructure improvements that were needed to support remote operations won’t be recovered without additional support.

We need your support so that we can help them safety plan today and reassure them that we will be here for them when they can safely leave.