Safe Shelter During a Global Pandemic


Our emergency shelters and transitional housing programs were full when shelter at home directives were issued. Our community lacked sufficient housing for victims long before COVID 19. We took immediate steps to address social distancing and reduce risk of exposure including providing food and transportation so that clients need not leave our shelters or use public transportation. We increased availability of cleaning supplies and implemented rigorous cleaning processes. We added more computers for clients so that they can work remotely and, unfortunately, apply for unemployment.

Counseling and case management are provided by phone. We focus on helping already fragile families cope. We still support victims in setting goals, but they look different now – how to manage the stress of the unknown; ways to support children who are now learning at “home”; reassuring them they have a safe place to stay; and most importantly, that we are all in this together.

For those victims whose lives are at risk, we need to be able to pay for shelter at hotels until space is available or we can take steps for them to safely return to their homes. They will need counseling, case management, food and basic support as well.

The demand for safe shelter will only increase. When victims can safely seek services away from their homes, they will have endured weeks to months of isolation with a violent partner. They will need shelter and comprehensive support.

These changes come with increased and unexpected costs – now and in the future. Hotels . . . Food . . . Technology . . . Supplies.  All of these costs add up. Our government grants already failed to cover the full cost of providing mandatory services. Now instead of needing to raise $300,000 a year to meet the demand for shelter we must raise even more.

We need to able to assure every victim they are safe and that they need not risk their lives at home. We need your help.

Donate today to provide safe and stable housing for victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking. Your gift will be invested into provide confidential emergency shelter and transitional housing for victims.