Sexual Assault Services


WEAVE Adds New Seeking Safety Group
Free Group for Treating Trauma

WEAVE has added a new resource for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. The Seeking Safety Group is a trauma-informed group which helps build coping skills through a twelve week curriculum. The weekly groups will be offered on Tuesday evenings at 5:30 pm.

Survivors may begin attending the free group at any point during the flexible curriculum. Survivors should attend a free Triage session prior to starting the group. Triage sessions information can be found here

For more information and to reserve a space, call 916.448.2321.



Sexual Assault Services

After a sexual assault, effects may persist for months and years. For this reason, crisis intervention and follow-up counseling are essential to every sexual assault survivor’s healing process.

What to do if you think you have been sexually assaulted:

  • Reach out. It is very important that you seek medical attention right away. Call 911 to report the assault and receive an evidentiary examination and medical attention.  WEAVE’s 24 hour Support & Information Line is a resource for you following the assault – 916.920.2952.


  • Talk to Someone:
    • WEAVE offers individual and group counseling – available to all survivors of sexual assault: male, female, teen, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender. Sexual assault counseling is free of charge.
    • WEAVE also offers counseling for significant others and relatives of survivors, who may also be struggling with their own reactions to the assault. Significant others and relatives are also encouraged to call the Support and Information Line (916.920.2952) to find out how to support the survivor and understand their own reactions.


  • You Are Not Alone. WEAVE Sexual Assault Advocates are available 24-hours a day to survivors of sexual assault. Advocates will accompany and support you through the medical exam, law enforcement interview and investigation.

Was I Sexually Assaulted / Raped?

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Counseling Available to Women Who Have Served in the Military
Funded Counseling Availability to Qualifying Veterans

If you are a woman who served in the military for two years or longer and received any discharge other than dishonorable, you may qualify for no-cost counseling at WEAVE.  


Playcare Available for WEAVE Midtown Clients

Image of Playcare Available for WEAVE Midtown Clients

WEAVE now offers playcare to parents receiving services at our WEAVE Midtown Counseling Center between 3:45 pm and 7:45 pm Monday through Thursday. 

Playcare is available for children ages four up.  Children participate in supervised play activities.  Playcare is not counseling and you do not need the permission of your partner/child’s parent to use playcare services.


Sexual Assault Response Team

The Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) of Sacramento County was formed in 1989. It is a victim-sensitive program designed to provide a team approach to responding to sexual assaults in our community. Teamwork, cooperation, communication, and flexibility are essential for the success of the Sexual Assault Response Team. The SART approach helps to reduce trauma, increase support, and have consistent evidence collection.

Local law enforcement contacts WEAVE’s 24-Hour Support and Information Line when a sexual assault is reported in Sacramento County. WEAVE SART Advocates are called to meet survivors at Sutter Memorial to provide advocacy during evidentiary exams.

SART Advocates provide the following support to sexual assault survivors:

  • Accompaniment (medical, law enforcement, district attorney interviews)
  • Advocacy (information on rights and options)
  • Crisis Intervention (emotional support)
  • Resources (sweats, stuffed animal, snacks)
  • Referrals (shelter, social services)
  • Follow-up Services (phone support, counseling)

The following local agencies are Sacramento County’s SART members:

  • Sacramento Police and Sheriff’s Departments
  • other local Law Enforcement agencies
  • SAFE and CARE Teams at UCDMC
  • Bear Team at Sutter Memorial Hospital
  • Sacramento District Attorney’s Office
  • Victim Witness Program

For a list of donation items needed for SART click here.



WEAVE operates an emergency shelter program for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and their children.  Victims can find safe and confidential temporary shelter.   

WEAVE’s Safehouse Program provides a secure refuge for survivors of violence to receive:

  • Temporary Emergency Housing
  • Emergency transportation, food and clothing
  • Transitional housing advocacy, assistance and referrals
  • Crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy and case management
  • Child abuse identification and intervention
  • School advocacy for school age children
  • Medical advocacy and mental health referrals
  • Parenting groups
  • Evening support groups
  • Children’s program with assessment and structured play group
  • Legal information and referrals
  • Other important resources and community referrals

If you are in the greater Sacramento area, you can access shelter services by calling WEAVE’s 24-hour Support and Information Line, 916.920.2952.


The new Safehouse was constructed on land owned by WEAVE adjacent to the existing Safehouse. The 12,000 square foot facility tripled the size of the old Safehouse. It includes three residential wings featuring family suites for increased privacy. The new facility is capable of housing 80 adults and children – more than doubling our old capacity.

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