Sexual Assault Services


Sexual Assault Services

After a sexual assault, effects may persist for months and years. For this reason, crisis intervention and follow-up counseling are essential to every sexual assault survivor’s healing process.

What to do if you think you have been sexually assaulted:

  • Reach out. It is very important that you seek medical attention right away. Call 911 to report the assault and receive an evidentiary examination and medical attention.  WEAVE’s 24 hour Support & Information Line is a resource for you following the assault – 916.920.2952.
  • Talk to Someone:
    • WEAVE offers individual and group counseling – available to all survivors of sexual assault: male, female, teen, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender. Sexual assault counseling is free of charge. Download the WEAVE Service flyer here.
    • WEAVE also offers counseling for significant others and relatives of survivors, who may also be struggling with their own reactions to the assault. Significant others and relatives are also encouraged to call the Support and Information Line (916.920.2952) to find out how to support the survivor and understand their own reactions.
    • To start counseling, complete a free walk-in triage assessment during scheduled hours or contact the Business Line at 916.448.2321 for an intake appointment.
  • You Are Not Alone. WEAVE Sexual Assault Advocates are available 24-hours a day to survivors of sexual assault. Advocates will accompany and support you through the medical exam, law enforcement interview and investigation.

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