Victim’s of Trafficking Training Available
Identifying Victims and Understanding Resources

WEAVE and our community partners need your help to combat human trafficking. As a service provider, you may come in contact with victims of human trafficking.

WEAVE would like to share more information about human trafficking through a presentation for your staff/volunteers. The one-hour presentation will provide participants with helpful information, practical tools, and useful printed materials which enable them to effectively respond if they encounter a victim of trafficking. The training is available at no cost. At the conclusion of the presentation, each participant will understand the issues of human trafficking, know how to identify victims of human trafficking,and understand the many resources available to trafficking survivors.

Human trafficking is a very real problem. An estimated 27 million people are living in slavery worldwide. 80% of the victims are women and girls and a staggering half of the victims are children. The facts about human trafficking are staggering, but the numbers alone cannot fully convey the heartbreaking experiences of victims who are exploited and mistreated every day in the greater Sacramento region. The reality is that the intersection of major highways and interstates makes our region a hub for trafficking.  With increased awareness, we can all play an increasingly prominent role in identifying, responding to, and supporting victims of trafficking. WEAVE is part of a community-wide collaborative responding to human trafficking.

If you would like to learn more about this free training please contact Margaux Helm at