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WEAVE Responds to Violence by NFL Players
Media Interviews Emphasize Accountability

In the days following the release of the video showing Ray Rice violently assault his then fiance, WEAVE has been called upon numerous times to provide perspective. Throughout the discussions with local radio and television stations, we have remained adamant that responsibility for domestic violence rests solely on the shoulders of the abuser and accountability is crucial. We have also stressed that any efforts to shift blame to the victim are detrimental and unacceptable. We have provided links to several of the interviews provided below:

Capital Public Radio – Insight with Beth Ruyak

KFBK – Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence

Fox 40 – NFL Punishment Came Too Late

Fox 40 Morning Show – The Conversation about Domestic Violence

The Sacramento Bee – The Bottom Line all that Seems to Matter to NFL


WEAVE Applauds Arrest of “Revenge Porn King” Hunter Moore as a Victory for Online Harassment Victims
Arrest highlights issue of consent with personal photographs

Yesterday’s arrest of Hunter Moore, the so-called “Revenge Porn King”, is an important first step in holding perpetrators of online harassment accountable.  WEAVE issued a press release addressing Moore’s arrest and the devastation caused when stalking and relentless harassment is allowed to go on unchecked.  Read the full press release here.


Celebrating 20 Years with WEAVE
Memo from Executive Director, Beth Hassett

20 years ago today I walked through the doors of WEAVE as its 278th employee. I had taken the job because I thought it would be difficult work that would challenge me and allow me to make a difference in the lives of countless women, men and children. And I was right. It was a heady time to jump into the fields of domestic violence and sexual assault. The OJ Simpson trial was in full swing and the issue of domestic violence was just becoming part of a national dialogue.

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A Gathering of Asian and Pacific Islander Voices
Fostering Cultural Competency

Thanks to WEAVE’s sister agency, My Sister’s House, on June 10, WEAVE hosted “A Gathering of Asian and Pacific Islander Voices” to foster cultural competency.

In January of 2009, My Sister’s House launched the Fostering Cultural Competency Project with the support of the Blue Shield Foundation. WEAVE was excited to be asked to become a part of the project in 2012.

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WEAVE Initiated Bill Carried by Speaker Atkins Receives National Attention
Huffington Post Blog Post by Speaker Atkins Highlights Importance of Legislation

WEAVE knows that technology can be critical to a survivor’s ability to stay in touch with family, seek employment, and ensure their safety. Unfortunately, technology is often used to harass and stalk, as well. WEAVE recognized a trend of abusers manipulating family cell phone plans. Common challenges reported by survivors included having their phone disconnected and the abuser using the GPS features and phone records to stalk survivors.

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WEAVE™ launches new approach to revenue generation
Newly appointed advisory board to grow retail operations


May 11, 2015

Contact: Justina Janas (916) 491-3161 or Lucy Eidam Crocker (916) 715-1165 – Crocker & Crocker

WEAVE™ launches new approach to revenue generation

Newly appointed advisory board to grow retail operations

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WEAVE Receives $20,000 from Bank of America
Funding will support WEAVE’s core services and assist in sustaining 24-hour crisis intervention

WEAVE has been awarded $20,000 from Bank of American to support WEAVE’s core services and assist in sustaining 24-hour crisis intervention for Sacramento County. WEAVE provides crisis intervention services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking by operating a 24-hour Safehouse, a 24-hour Support and Information Line, trauma-informed crisis intervention and therapeutic counseling services, legal services and school and community based prevention education.

News release Super Bowl PSA

During the first quarter of the Super Bowl, you will see a commercial unlike many of the others you have ever seen before. worked with the NFL to create a Domestic Violence PSA.

Our Executive Director, Beth Hassett, shared the importance of the PSA that will run during the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

Click here to view the CBS 13 interview with Beth Hassett. Super Bowl PSA


BeSpoken – Ending Violence Suits You
The WEAVE Suit

BeSpoken - clothing made to fit a particular person

WEAVE has partnered with R. Douglas Custom Clothier to create The WEAVE Suit.

The Suit:
A limited availability custom WEAVE lining and label enhance the lines of the R. Douglas suit of your choice. 20% of all proceeds to support WEAVE’s 24/7 crisis intervention services.


Back to School

School is back in session! Students are back to hitting the books, playing sports, joining recreation groups and making new friends. As the year goes on, many students find themselves with a new boyfriend or girlfriend – there is a little drama, a little gossip and young love.

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Holding Abusers Accountable
NFL Decision A Step in the Right Direction

Let’s be clear. Yes, the NFL finally made the right decision when indefinitely suspending Ray Rice. However, at best it was a fumble recovery. The NFL dropped the ball in July when the assault occurred and a two game suspension was handed down. The league’s future response to players who abuse will be the true indicator of their commitment to being part of a long overdue intolerance of domestic violence.


Financial Abuse
Research demonstrates value of financial literacy education

Research regarding the impact of financial literacy education for domestic violence survivors was recently released by Rutgers University School of Social Work. The research examined a financial empowerment program developed by the Allstate Foundation and National Network to End Domestic Violence. An article in the Huffington Post highlighted the findings and the devastation of financial abuse.


Trafficking of Minors Very Real Problem in Sacramento Region

A recent Huffington Post article explores the reality of sexually exploited and trafficked children across the country. Locally, the problem continues to grow. WEAVE is one of the organizations coming together with law enforcement, the District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office and child welfare organizations to support these young victims and hold traffickers accountable. 

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Shop AmazonSmile to Donate to WEAVE

Image of Shop AmazonSmile to Donate to WEAVE

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support WEAVE every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to WEAVE. Click here to learn more and start shopping.

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Real Estate
WEAVE Partners with My Broker Donates

Our new fundraising partner, My Broker Donates, gives you the power to make a big donation at zero cost when you buy or sell a home.

My Broker Donates connects our supporters with the best-in-market real estate agents who donate 15% of their fee to WEAVE. You choose the agent you like best. The best part? It costs WEAVE and our supporters nothing.

Donations come from the caring, qualified agents you work with.

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WEAVE Receives $35,000 to Support Core Domestic Violence Services
Funding will support Safehouse, 24-hour Support Line, Counseling Services and more

WEAVE has been awarded $35,000 from Kaiser Permanente Greater Sacramento Area Community Benefit Program to support WEAVE’s core domestic violence services.  The funds will be used to ensure that WEAVE can continue to offer lifesaving crisis intervention services including its safe and confidential Safehouse, 24-hour Support & Information Line, walk in Triage services and trauma-informed therapeutic counseling. To read the full press release, click here.

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WEAVE Receives $15,000 from Wells Fargo to Expand Teen Education Efforts
Funding will increase outreach to local teens on Teen Dating Violence Prevention Education

Sacramento, CA — WEAVE has been awarded $15,000 from Wells Fargo to support the MyStrength program, a male-focused teen dating violence prevention education program in area high schools.

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WEAVE Receives Two Grants to Support Emergency Safehouse
WEAVE Safehouse Benefits from Essential Grants

Sacramento, CA — WEAVE has been awarded $10,000 from U.S. Bank and $5,000 from the TJX Foundation to support WEAVE’s emergency Safehouse.  The funds will help the 175 adults and 175 children who must enter the WEAVE Safehouse in the next year.  These families are fleeing from immediate danger and severe physical abuse.

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WEAVE Receives $35,000 Grant to Expand Services for Women Veterans
Funding will increase outreach to women veterans and access to trauma-informed care.

WEAVE has been awarded $35,000 from Swords to Plowshares as part of a statewide effort to improve health indicators for women veterans in California.  The funds will be used to increase access to crisis intervention and therapeutic counseling services for women who have served in the military and are experiencing or have a history of Inter Personal Violence (IPV) including domestic violence and sexual assault. To read the full press release and learn more about the program, click here.  


Counseling Available to Women Who Have Served in the Military
Funded Counseling Availability to Qualifying Veterans

If you are a woman who served in the military for two years or longer and received any discharge other than dishonorable, you may qualify for no-cost counseling at WEAVE.  

Counseling services are available to women who have served in the military and would like support and counseling to respond to past abuse or trauma, current abuse or trauma, or other life stressors which are impacting your ability to live a healthy life.  This may include current or past childhood abuse, Intimiate Partner Violence (IPV)/domestic violence, sexual assault, grief, depression, etc.  You need NOT have experienced the abuse or trauma during service to qualify.

Individual and group counseling is available based on your unique needs.  For more information about no-cost counseling services, please contact WEAVE’s 24 hour Support & Information Line at 916.920.2952 or attend a walk-in Triage session at either of WEAVE’s Counseling Centers.  When you call or walk-in, let the advocate know you are a woman who served in the military.